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We know that your livestock needs best quality food.

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Fenugreek Forage

Among other livestock feed products, it offers high-quality forage.

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All type of animal feeds.

Cambridge Feed is one stop solution for a wide variety of animal feed products like wheat straw, Alfalfa Grass, Fine Cut Rhodes Grass, Mustard Hay And Silage, Perennial Peanut Hay, Rice Straw, Fenugreek and many more.


International Animal Feeds Supplier

Cambridge Feeds is an international exporter of bulk animal feedstuff, particularly the GCC countries and Central Asia.

We serve farmers, ranchers and distributors with high-quality animal foodstuffs.




mustard hay


Peanut Hay


We can supply high quality hay for:

Horses, Beef and Dairy Cattle, Goats, Poultry, Sheep, Rabbits, Camels.

If your animal or livestock is not yet included in our list, please get in touch to discuss your particular animal feed requirements. We are constantly reviewing our types of animal feed offered and aim to build on our current animal feed market network to expand our range of products

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Animal Feed Production Process Quality Control

Quality feed analysis is conducted on our supplier’s crop fields, covering issues such as crude protein, relative feed value, moisture percentage, acid detergent fibre and Neutral Detergent Fibre.

We believe it is essential to accurately evaluate and grade our products to ensure effective customer satisfaction.

Production of Cambridge Feeds’ range of animal feed products involves a number of quality control measures to ensure the best possible standards for farmers and our growing distributor networks.

Analysis testing is conducted by Cambridge Feeds’ network of suppliers on every field of crops.


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